It is generally acknowledged that a book is sold according to the fame of the person who is supposed to have written it. Often that prestigious one does not have the time or inclination to write it. Thus, it is very common to pay one or more ghostwriters who know how to document themselves and have the craft of writing more or less well to produce these writings for a reasonable amount of money. The invisible writer lacks fame but knows the craft of writing, and, by giving voice to someone who is known by the public, the author enables a commercially or academically acceptable result.

Ever wonder how politicians, musicians, athletes, and other celebrities are able to find time to write a book when they are already so busy working their primary careers? The answer is ghostwriters. Not surprisingly, there are also intellectuals who are simply forced by their publishers to write opinion pieces, make public presentations or give speeches at all kinds of events. In fact, there have been famous writers who established authentic story factories to meet the demand, who did not hesitate to organize other writers as a literary franchise. Alejandro Dumas had up to 63 writers in his story factory, thus producing the trilogy of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo. Nowadays any business or political discourse, any television series or any humorous monologue has behind them a team that does all the grey work. A good ghostwriter will take your ideas and turn them into something that really feels like it expresses your interests and desires.

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