Services & Specialties

Technology and computing have completely rewritten the way business behaves. From global communication to modelling future growth, technology and business are now inseparable. 

Using the diagnostic skills seen in science, the design and construction skills of engineering and the high-tech knowledge of computer science, our multidisciplinary staff offer our clients specific answers to how to become more successful.


  • Business plans. Feasibility studies.
  • Green engineering solutions. Sustainable conceptual design.
  • Projects for creation, upgrading and refurbishment of infraestructure.
  • Extreme cost control and reengineering solutions.
  • Rational decission making proposals.
  • Risk assessment matrix.
  • Annual environmental, social, and economic evaluations.
  • Essays on environmental, social and economic sustainability.
  • Ecological appraisal and research.
  • Killer presentations and pitches for shareholders, investors and stakeholders.

Major areas

  • Engineering and construction firms.
  • High-tech startups.
  • Energy companies (gas, solar, wind, water and biomass).
  • Facilities and equipment manufacturers.
  • Transportation, warehouse and storage sector.
  • Research and knowledge transfer centers.
  • Education and training providers.